my gigantic baby boy whom I am afraid of

my parents are playing simon and garfunkle very loudly

hey whats up i bought gravity’s rainbow for $10 today



Imagine Waka Flocka Flame saying “Sufjan Stevens” the way he says “Susan McSwiney”

I Will Suck! The Largest of Dicks, or, Team Slut All Day, or, Week Month Year And Century, or, The Children of Pawtucket Help Me To Spell D I C K S Q U A D

my internet was down most of today so ive been watching kemonozume its decent but bad with handling women so :^/


person: chris watch out! youre about to get your crocs wet!

me: I KNOW! its OK! crocs are made from a foam resin called croslite, which is made out of a polymer called ethylene-vinyl acetate! so theyre completely water proof!

my router isnt working : ^//////////

"be gentle with this cheap plastic faucet"

"be gentle with this cheap plastic faucet"